Commercial Plumbing Issues and Their Symptoms

burst-pipeIf you manage a commercial property, keeping the plumbing system in good condition is probably the last thing on your mind. That’s fair enough since you probably have quite a few other demands on your attention that are more important. However, you still shouldn’t completely ignore your commercial plumbing system.

If a problem develops in the system, you’re going to end up dealing with some expensive and unpleasant repercussions. The best way to limit the problems that commercial plumbing malfunctions can cause is by familiarizing yourself with their symptoms. Earlier detection means earlier repairs, limiting the damage the problems can cause. Let’s go over a few common commercial plumbing issues, and how to detect them.


Leaks are the most common problem a plumbing system can run into. They also happen to be fairly difficult to spot, unless they’re quite large or you’re very vigilant. Still, it’s worth knowing what to look for that might indicate a leak. Any drop in water pressure in a plumbing appliance or fixture might indicate a leak somewhere in the pipes. Obvious signs of water damage on walls, ceilings, or floors can also indicate that there is a leak somewhere in that general area. You should also keep an eye on your monthly water bills, to see if they start to climb for no apparent reason. Oftentimes, that means that there is some sort of leak draining water out of the system.

Blockages and Bellying

It’s never a good sign when the drains in your building start backing up frequently. If that starts happening to one or more of your drains, it probably means that there is a blockage located somewhere in the drain pipe. Professional drain cleaning is the best way to deal with such things. It is not recommended that you resort to store-bought drain cleaners, as these could actually damage the pipes.

Frequent backups could also be the result of “bellying.” This is when soil shifts, whether overtime or due to some major event like an earthquake, distorting the pipes running out of the building. If a dip develops in the pipe, it can cause backups by preventing the wastewater from draining properly. This will require more dedicated pipe repair efforts to fix.

Bad Smells

Bad smells coming out of the drains could mean any number of things. It’s possible that you just need to schedule drain cleaning to get rid of some waste buildup. It’s also possible that the sewer vent is blocked, forcing gases down into the drain system instead of venting them out of the top of the building. Regardless, it’s not something that should be left alone. It’s a good idea to call for repairs if you notice this issue.

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