The Importance of Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

burst-pipeThe plumbing system is one of those things in your commercial building that you probably don’t think about too much, but would likely cause immense problems if it stopped working correctly for a little while. Unlike residential plumbing systems, you likely have to worry about losing money the longer your plumbing system is disabling part or all of your commercial building. That’s on top of any repair costs you need to pay. If you want to keep your commercial plumbing system in good shape and prevent more damaging problems from developing, you’re going to need to schedule plumbing maintenance.

Catching Issues As Early as Possible

Most plumbing issues don’t start showing obvious symptoms until they’ve had time to develop and cause some serious damage. Take, for example, pinhole leaks. Named for their small size, these leaks are too small to cause drops in water pressure or rising monthly bills that other leaks might. Instead, they typically go undetected over months while they inflict an increasing amount of water damage to the surrounding area. Pipe ruptures and other significant issues might be detected and stopped without the aid of professional plumbing maintenance. However, that is not a possibility you likely want to rely on if your aim is to prevent as much damage to the system as possible. The longer you wait before calling for repairs, whether you’re aware of a problem or not, the more opportunity you give that problem to grow and cause further harm to the plumbing. The only way to detect issues like that before they start to cause all kinds of damage is to schedule plumbing maintenance consistently.

A plumbing maintenance appointment gives your plumber the opportunity to locate and resolve problems with the system early enough to prevent a lot of potential damage. Provided you’re careful about scheduling it at least once a year, you can expect to save potentially thousands of dollars over the life of the system. There is no good reason not to schedule preventive maintenance at least once every year if you’re trying to protect your investment in your plumbing system.

When to Schedule Plumbing Maintenance

For heaters and air conditioners, it’s important to schedule preventive maintenance the season before they’re put under increased use. This helps to resolve any preexisting issues, as well as ensure that the system is in top condition before it’s put under the added strain. That’s not the case with commercial plumbing systems. It’s not that important when you schedule maintenance for your plumbing, as long as you make sure that it’s done consistently every year. So, if you haven’t had commercial plumbing maintenance done in a while (or ever) now is a good time to start. Call for preventive plumbing maintenance services from a contractor you trust, and make sure that your system is kept in good shape.

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