Indications That You Need a New Commercial Heating System

commercial-heat-pumpCommercial heating systems are built to last. Considering how much strain the average heating system is put under on a daily basis during the winter, that’s a very good thing. Hopefully, you’re further protecting your investment with consistent annual maintenance and prompt repairs when necessary. Even if you are, however, you probably know that no amount of care can extend the life of the system indefinitely. Eventually, you are going to need to replace your commercial heating system with a new one. Have a look at some of the warning signs below to help you determine when that is necessary.

Consistent Increases in Monthly Operating Costs

The more you use your heater, the more it’s going to cost from month to month. Duh, right? As obvious as that sounds, though, you should still keep an eye on your commercial heating costs to make sure they don’t start rising beyond what is justified by added use. What we mean is: if your heater seems like it’s costing way more to operate than it should, you might need to replace it soon. This is often caused by wear and tear on the system causing a loss of efficiency, which forces the heater to operate for longer periods of time to produce the same amount of heating. This is what causes the rise in heating bills.

Frequent Repair Needs

Repairs are inevitable with HVAC systems. Even with regular maintenance, you are almost certainly going to have to repair your commercial heating system at some point. This should only become a point of concern when the repair needs become very frequent. If you need to have your heater professionally repaired multiple times a year, it’s time to consider replacing it. This is typically an indication that the wear and tear on the system is causing the various parts inside it to fail in groups. These breakdowns will only increase over time until eventually, the system breaks down permanently. It’s far more cost-effective in the long run to simply install a new commercial heating system, rather than fight a losing battle by constantly replacing parts on a failing system.


The lifespan of a commercial heating system will vary depending on individual circumstances, but it tends to hover between 10-15 years. If your system is older than that, it’s a good idea to call a professional to take a look at it for you and determine whether or not you should be replacing it. Older systems tend to very quickly accumulate issues that impact their efficiency, and make them much more expensive to keep up and running. If your commercial heating system is in that age range, you’d probably be much better served by replacing it with a new system than spending more money on upkeep. It’s a bigger up-front investment, but it will serve you better in the long run.

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