You Should Replace Your Furnace If It Fits This List of Symptoms

We’re coming to the end of heating season, and people are starting to get their air conditioners in shape for the summer. While it’s a good idea to schedule preventive maintenance for your air conditioner before you start using it frequently, it’s not the only HVAC consideration you should be thinking about this season. Now is also a great time to think about whether or not you should replace your furnace before next winter. If you do end up needing a new system, it’s far better to replace it now than to have to rush to get it installed right before winter starts. Have a look at the following signs that might help you determine whether or not your furnace needs to be replaced.Furnace-Technician

High Monthly Bills

If your furnace is costing more to operate from month to month than you think it should be, it might be because the system is getting close to the end of its life. As a furnace wears down with age, the efficiency of the system declines. The furnace then has to operate for longer periods of time to heat the home, which drives up the monthly bills. If this is the reason that your furnace is costing more to operate every month, there is little you can do aside from replacing the system.

Constant Repair Problems

You’re going to need to repair your furnace sooner or later. Things happen, and even consistent maintenance appointments can’t guarantee that the furnace won’t develop a problem at some point. There’s a pretty big difference between needing to repair your furnace once every few years, though, and needing to repair it once every few months. If your furnace is breaking down that often, it means that the system is pretty close to breaking down permanently. Parts in the system are beginning to succumb to wear and tear in groups. You can keep replacing the furnace one part at a time, or you can install an entirely new system. Installing a new system is the much more cost-effective option.

Old Age

Even if you take the best possible care of your furnace, there’s going to come a time when it’s simply too old to function well. As a furnace reaches an age somewhere between 10 and 15, it will start to increasingly accumulate issues of various kinds. As the furnace becomes more and more expensive to keep working, it becomes more and more beneficial to replace it. If your furnace is older than 15, we highly recommend that you consult with a professional technician about whether or not it’s a good idea to replace it. If you replace your furnace now, rather than trying to keep it alive through another season, you’ll probably save much more money in the long run.

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