About Your Heat Pump and Indoor Air Quality

Heat Pump and Indoor Air Quality Indoor air quality is a growing concern for many Jackson residents. Your home is one of the few places that you have control over the quality of the air you breathe; unfortunately, many HVAC systems can contribute to poor air quality. Fortunately, your heat pump does not have to be one of them; the relationship between your heat pump and indoor air quality can actually be a positive one because of the following factors.

No Combustion Means Cleaner Air

Heat pumps do not burn fossil fuels, so they do not create carbon emissions and other combustion byproducts. Besides contributing to environmental air pollution, heating supported by fossil fuels can result in indoor pollution in the form of carbon monoxide and combustion particles. This risk is especially pronounced if the home or building has a poor ventilation system. A heat pump makes no direct contribution to poor indoor or outdoor air quality.

Recirculation Can Keep Out Contaminants

A heat pump recirculates indoor air extensively once the home reaches the desired temperature. If your indoor air is clean, this will obviously be highly beneficial because you won’t have to worry about new pollutants and irritants being introduced from outside. To keep the relationship between your heat pump and indoor air quality healthy, make sure you check the heat pump filter periodically to ensure it is not clogged with dirt, dust and other contaminants. A dirty filter can reduce the efficiency of your heat pump and let indoor air contaminants go uncaught.

Protecting Your Indoor Air Quality

If you have any concerns about your heat pump and indoor air quality, feel free to give Environment Masters a call. We can conduct in-home assessments to determine whether an air quality control system, such as a whole-home filter or purifier, could improve your indoor air. We can also inspect your heat pump to determine whether repairs or maintenance are necessary to preserve a healthy level of air quality. Contact us today by calling 601-353-4681.

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