Get Your Commercial HVAC System Ready for Summer

commercial hvac maintenanceIt’s important to have your HVAC system ready for the hot months of summer if you want to ensure your office building stays cool without fault. We’re gearing up for the scorcher months, and it’s in your best interest to do all you can to avoid your AC unit going on the blink. There are specific things you can do to help ensure your commercial HVAC unit stays in tip top condition before summer hits.

Clean the Filters

One of the best ways to ensure your air stays cool inside your commercial building when the weather outside is hot is as simple as changing the air filter. This can drastically improve the efficiency of your AC unit, as well.

Experts recommend that you change the filters at least once every three to six months.

Clear the Air Ducts

Getting the cool air inside your building will depend on how uncluttered your air ducts may be. It’s important to keep these cleared out, so the airflow is good in your living space.

This will help you stay cooler in the heat of summer.

Schedule a Tune-up

One of the best ways you keep your HVAC unit running its best during the hottest months of summer is to get it tuned-up. Most HVAC experts recommend that you schedule maintenance of your unit at least once a year.

Some of the things that will be completed during this process will include cleaning the outside condenser coils, checking the electrical components of the unit and lubricating the belts. This will help ensure the unit runs better at all times.

Let us Help!

At Environment Masters, we want to help you with any of your commercial HVAC needs. We are experts when it comes to installing, making repairs or tuning up your unit. Be sure to contact us today at 601 353-468 and let us assist you!

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