Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

Happy thanksgiving cardWhile there’s no doubt there was a feeling of comfort at the first Pilgrim’s Thanksgiving feast celebrating the bountiful harvest that would see them through the winter, those hearty folk would be amazed at the comforts of home we enjoy today, with our precisely controlled temperatures and humidity, our perfectly functioning hot and cold water. Still, even with all our indoor comforts, it continues to be that feeling of warmth and well-being that is most important at Thanksgiving. We hope you and your loved ones and friends enjoy that feeling—as well as all the comforts that Environment Masters can provide.

We have been working hard throughout the past year to help homes around the region with all their HVAC and plumbing needs. While we do take a great amount of time focusing on the work that we do, we are most grateful for you, our customers, that we have the privilege of serving each day.

Without our loyal customers entrusting us with their pluming and HVAC needs, we would not be in business today. We are very grateful for the many customers that we hold and we are always motivated by all of you to do our best.

Our Gratitude

This Thanksgiving, we would like to thank you for all the business that you have given us and for being loyal customers. We are very appreciative of the many people who have come along and done business with us over the years. It is because of you that we are active and fully operational. Without you, we would not have been able to build our brand the way we have.

We are looking forward to doing more business with you well into the future. Our goal is to ensure that we continue to stay active and helpful to everyone.

We’re Looking To the Future

We are all looking forward to the future and everything that we plan on doing. But before then, we want to have a bit of time with our friends and families during this important time of the year. Thanksgivings is a time of gratitude for all of us with regards to everything we hold dear in our lives – for our families, our friends, our work partners, our faith and many other things.

For our part, we want to express our great thanks for your business and support. Happy holidays!
Raymond Nalty, III

Giving Thanks This Holiday Season was last modified: December 11th, 2014 by Raymond Nalty

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