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3 Signs It Is Time For a New Heater

You decided to go on a walk with the family for the afternoon and turned on the heater before you left to heat things up while you were gone. The problem is that when you came home, the house was just as cold, if not colder, than when you left! You check the thermostat and confirm that you did actually turn it on. Now you are left trying to keep warm and wondering what is going on.

The first thing you will want to do is to reach out to our team to schedule an appointment to check on your heating in Madison, MS. If you don’t know where to start when trying to figure out what is wrong with your system, we can help. On the other hand, you can reach out to set up a specific service such as a heating system replacement. Here are some signs that a heater replacement is what you need to reach out for.

3 Indicators You Need a Heater Replacement

You don’t want to get a replacement service done if you don’t need it. If you are trying to determine which service to contact us for, it helps to know what the indicators are that you do need to replace your current heater. Here are three big indicators that your heater is ready to retire.

  1. Your heater needs repairs frequently…and they are getting expensive.  First off, let’s talk about repairs. Your heater will need repairs over the course of its lifespan. But they aren’t supposed to occur more than once every few years. If your heater has started to require repairs close to once a year, it means the system is likely on its last leg. The other part of this is the price. Repairs aren’t going to be free but they shouldn’t be too expensive. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if the price of repair service is equivalent to half the price (or more) of a new system, it is better to simply opt for the new heater.
  2. The system is 10-years-old or more. Heaters are built to last at least 10 years minimum. They can go a bit beyond this (up to 15 years) if they are well maintained and used properly. If your system is 10-years-old or more though it is a good idea to start planning for a replacement at the very least.
  3. You aren’t getting any heat from your heater. This is likely the biggest indicator that something is very wrong with your heater. A heating system that can’t perform the main job it is needed for is one that you don’t want to bother keeping around. It is better to invest in a system that will actually get the job done.

You deserve to stay warm when you are at home (especially since we’ve been spending so much extra time indoors). Let us help you achieve your heating goals this season. We work with just about every type of heating system out there.

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