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It May Be Time to Upgrade Your Thermostat

cold-man-at-thermostatTrying to get through winter without reliable heating can be a pain. You may even have thrown a curse or two at your heater if you got frustrated enough. But your heater may not be the source of the problem.

All too often, heating systems are blamed for issues created by a bad thermostat. If something is off with your thermostat, your heater can’t operate properly because it won’t be getting the right marching orders. It may not be getting any marching orders at all!

Wondering if your thermostat is the cause of your heating woes? We can help you figure this out and get things back in order again with a new system.

Is Your Thermostat Struggling?

There is a chance that your thermostat is causing problems for your home comfort. The question is, how do you know this is the case? The best way to determine the source of the problem is to have one of our technicians come by to check your HVAC system out. But for now, you can also check for any of these indicators that your thermostat is struggling:

  • There is a delayed response when you try to turn on the heater.
  • The temperature that the thermostat detects is always off.
  • Your heater is short cycling or running long consistently.
  • Your thermostat doesn’t respond to you at all anymore.
  • Your energy bills are increasing even without extra system use.

If you are picking up on problems like these, it is worthwhile to have a technician come check your thermostat. It may be time for a repair or an upgrade.

Your Thermostat Upgrade Options

Have a thermostat that needs to be replaced? Our team can help you with this task. But first, we can work with you to select the thermostat that best suits your home. We want you to have a thermostat that will ensure you enjoy the best comfort without a high cost. That is why we recommend upgrading to one of the following systems:

  • Smart thermostat: Smart thermostats have the ability to “learn” your patterns to help you save money. Give this thermostat a couple of weeks to learn about the ways that you heat your home and it will create a program to do this automatically. What’s more, it can save you money on energy in the process.
  • Wi-Fi thermostat: Wi-fi or wireless thermostats can provide the ability to remotely control your home temperature. This means you can leave the heater off while you are away at work and turn it on during your commute home to save cash without hindering your comfort.

Now that you know what the warning signs are that your thermostat may be the root cause of your comfort issue and what your upgrade options are, you have one thing left to do. Schedule an appointment to get your upgrade done by a professional.

Our team is trained and ready to help with everything involved in your home heating in Flowood, MS. From installation to maintenance to repairs and more, you can contact Environment Masters, Inc. to get the job done. 

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