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Why You May Want to Consider a Dual Fuel System

Maybe you have a heat pump in your home and you’ve noticed that it struggles to keep the rooms warm when things get close to or below freezing temperatures. Or perhaps, on the other side of things, you have a furnace that has been keeping things plenty warm but doesn’t have the energy efficiency that you would like. It can be tough to find the best balance between efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to heating systems in Jackson, MS. We’re happy to be the ones to tell you however that you can have the best of both worlds with a dual fuel system.

Dual fuel systems combine the energy efficiency of a heat pump with the effective and powerful heating provided by a furnace. Find out more about these systems below and contact us to discuss whether or not this is a good heating system solution for your home.

Why Consider a Dual Fuel System?

As we touched upon briefly above, dual fuel systems are a type of combination setup. Largely focused on providing the best solution for home heating, these are great in cases when people want to enjoy high energy efficiency from their HVAC system but need a more powerful solution when the temperatures drop too low. What’s more, combining a heat pump and a furnace can offer you a solution for keeping your home cool in summer too since a heat pump can deliver air conditioning as well as heating.

How a Dual Fuel System Operates

Dual fuel systems allow you to enjoy optimal energy efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to keeping your home comfortable. Here is a brief description of how it works.

Throughout the summer you use your heat pump to keep things cool. Once things start to cool off you can switch the heat pump into heating mode to keep your home warm. However, as temperatures continue to drop your heat pump’s job becomes more complicated.

Because heat pumps use heat transfer rather than combustion or electrical resistance to make warmth, the colder it gets the harder the heat pump has to work to keep things warm. This obviously means that it will start to use more energy too. This is where the furnace comes in handy.

Once temperatures start to drop too low, your system is set up to switch on the furnace. A natural gas furnace is going to be able to create heat in just about any circumstance. So when the thermostat shows it is below 30°F, you can rely on your furnace to keep doing its job without costing you more. Then once the temperatures go back up things switch over to the heat pump’s domain. It is a setup that truly makes the best of both worlds.

Thinking of getting a better heater set-up for your home? You can come to our team to get the job done. We can assess your home heating needs and determine if a dual fuel system is a good investment to make.

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