Help! My AC is freezing up or is frozen!

My AC is freezing up or is frozenIn the hot summer, when AC units are working hard, as the temps rise so do the risks of an iced-over unit. There are three common reasons for the problem:


  • Not enough air flow to the unit
  • The unit temperature has been set too low, below 69
  • Not enough Freon in the system.


How to de-ice your unit:


You may be able to troubleshoot this problem yourself by following these simple steps:

  1. Check the thermostat. Is it set below 70 degrees?
  2. Now check the AC air filter. If it’s dirty, replace it.
  3. If the filter is clean and thermostat was set to a normal temperature, turn AC off and call Environment Masters: 601-353-4681. Service within hours, not days. Guaranteed.
  4. BUT, If your thermostat was set too low or the filter was dirty, turn off your AC for at least three hours to let the ice completely melt.
  5. After the ice is melted, turn on the unit again, making sure the temperature is set above 70 and the air filter is clean.
  6. Continue to check the unit to make sure the ice doesn’t reform. If it doesn’t you can relax; you’ve solved the problem.

* Service within 24 hours or no diagnostic fee.


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