How An Air Handler Works

Central air conditioners are made up of various components located inside and outside your home. The inside unit is called the air handler and its purpose is to circulate cool air through vents in the home. If you want to know how this unit works, then review some basic information.

Types of Units

Homes with a forced air furnace have a motor that blows warm air through ducts to registers and vents. The unit will also blow cool air that comes from the unit outside your home. Homes in a colder northern climate often have central air conditioning connected to their furnace. A home in a warmer southern climate is more likely to have a standalone unit installed.

Description of Unit

The inside unit of your air conditioner will have a heating element, a cooling element, or both. There is also a blower, a damper, and a chamber for the air filter. Central air conditioners are connected to ducts that are used to distribute air to all the rooms in your home.

Variable Speed

The fan motor for the blower of an air handler can be single speed or variable speed. If your AC unit has a variable speed motor, then the airflow is adjusted to eliminate hot and cold areas in a home. The motor can also reduce the noise that is heard when the unit start up.

Benefits of Variable Speed

Variable speed motors used with an air conditioning system in your home can save you money on your electrical bill. This type of motor is energy-efficient and will improve air quality in your home. The air conditioner in your home can have a variable speed motor installed by a Jackson air conditioning specialist.


The key to maintaining an efficient air conditioner is to replace the air filter regularly. You will need to do this at least once a month when the air conditioner or furnace is being used.

Additional Information

If you have an air conditioner that is not working properly, then contact Environment Masters at 601-353-4681. We will check the system and provide any air conditioner repairs that are needed.

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