How Do I Find Air Leaks in My House?

air leaks in houseA professional inspection may be necessary to detect some air leaks, but homeowners may be able to find others independently. Larger leaks may even be detected visually. Outside your home, you should inspect areas where different materials meet, such as the boundary between the foundation and the rest of the house. Inside, you should inspect outlets, light switch plates, door frames, window frames, fans, vents, and cable or phone lines that run outside. Alternately, for a more methodical search, you can conduct a pressurization test. Before starting the test, make sure to turn off gas furnaces and other combustion appliances. After shutting all of your doors and windows, turn on every exhaust fan to pull air out of the house. Then, hold a lit incense stick near potential leaky spots. If the smoke is pulled outside, you can be sure there is a leak.

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