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Indoor Air QualityMost homeowners in Jackson understand that a well-insulated home enhances the energy efficiency of cooling and heating systems, saving money on monthly energy bills. What’s less understood is the effect that a closed environment can have on the indoor air quality of your Jackson home. You may be surprised to learn that indoor air is often many times more polluted than the air outside. As a leading heating and air conditioning company in Jackson, Environment Masters offers expert HVAC solutions that can improve the quality of your indoor air.

Because air conditioning systems deliver filtered air to your home, a properly maintained AC system serves as the first line of defense against indoor pollutants, blocking allergens like pollen and pet dander from taking up residence in your Jackson home. Enrolling in a maintenance program with Environment Masters is the most convenient and cost-effective way to ensure that your HVAC systems help keep your indoor air free of contaminants.

Sometimes, a simple air conditioning repair is all that it takes to improve indoor air. After our skilled HVAC technicians at Environment Masters conduct a thorough inspection of your AC equipment, they may recommend replacing an existing filter with a high-efficiency model that can better trap small particulates. Because allergens like dust mites, mold, mildew, and bacteria thrive in a humid environment, ensuring that your air conditioning system is properly dehumidifying the air also helps keep allergens at bay.

Ductwork Design, sealing, and insulating can also help improve your Jackson home’s indoor air. Over time, ductwork can develop cracks and gaps that allow particles and fumes into you’re the system’s air supply. Other affordable solutions include whole home filtration systems. Because whole home filtration is compatible with virtually any forced-air HVAC system, it won’t add a single dime to your monthly energy bills.

For households with people that suffer from asthma, allergies or respiratory ailments, a whole home purifier can help rid your home of allergens, fumes and ozone, a harmful lung irritant. As a family owned and operated company, Environment Masters is committed to providing HVAC solutions that improve family health. Call us today at 601-353-4681 to learn more about how our services can improve your Jackson home’s indoor air quality.

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