Is It Time for a New AC?

LennoxEvery air conditioner has a lifespan, and there are a few red flags to look out for when it’s time to replace it. Heeding the warnings can keep your home consistently comfortable for many years to come.

Your AC Is Old

In general, a system more than 10 to 15 years old will need to be replaced. You may, however, get a couple of extra years out of your system with proper preventative maintenance and energy-saving strategies. But if your system is currently approaching the 10-year mark, you may want to start looking into the price of a new system and deciding which features would be appropriate for your home.

Your System Is Unreliable

Another red flag appears when you find that every year (or more often) you need to call in a service professional to fix your air conditioning system. Not only is it an inconvenience for you and your family to be stuck without AC, but the cost of having your system repaired adds up quickly. Your older unit is likely using Freon R-22 which is being phased out by the EPA and will no longer be produced after 2017. Additionally, your unreliable system is likely driving up your utility bills. It is a better investment to select a new energy-efficient system than to keep patching up your old AC.

Your System Is Underperforming

Are you running your air conditioner for hours on end, and barely noticing a difference? You may notice certain areas of your home are cold, while others are still hot. This may be a sign that you need a new system. When you have significant differences in temperature throughout your home, your AC is not doing its job properly. Another warning sign that your system is under performing is that it takes forever to cool your home. Either your system is not working properly or you need a different system to fit your household needs.

Let Us Help!

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