Is Your Heat Pump Working Properly? How Much Ice Is Too Much?

Heat pumpWhen your heat pump ices up in the winter, your equipment should periodically utilize its defrost cycle to remove the ice from the coils. The defrost cycle helps your heat pump operate efficiently even when exposed to extreme conditions outdoors. Unfortunately, when your heat pump ices up and the coils are completely blocked by ice, the heat transfer process that occurs between the refrigerant and the outside air is blocked as well. Issues with the defrost cycle require professional assistance.

If you are a heat pump owner, a problem which you might encounter this winter is your heat pump icing up. Don’t be alarmed at the sight of ice, as it can be completely normal for your heat pump coil to be covered in frost or light ice as a result of winter weather conditions. When ice encases the entire unit, there is cause of concern. If your heat pump ices up like the image on the right, the problem needs attention immediately to protect your equipment and save energy.

If you notice excess ice on your heat pump coils this winter, there are a few things you can try yourself to prevent problems before calling us for assistance.

Keep the outdoor coil clear of blockages.  Remove leaves and yard debris from around the area.

Prevent gutter leaks.  A leaking gutter above the coil can cause excess ice to build on the coil. If your gutters are blocked or leaking, fix them as soon as possible.

Light ice on the unit.  If you see ice and you’re not sure if it is too much, check back in 2 hours. If the ice is gone, your defrost cycle has done its job.

If your heat pump icing up this winter is keeping your home from remaining warm and comfortable, call for professional help. Environment Masters can solve your heat pump problems, keeping your equipment operating effectively and efficiently.

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