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Serving Hinds, Madison and Rankin Counties

The Difference a Water Filter Can Make

Are you looking to save some water? Maybe you are hoping to halt the use of plastic water bottles in your house. Or you have noticed that the water in your home is simply causing too many problems such as increased scaling in your appliances. We are happy to be the ones to tell you that we can help you combat the hard water in your home so you can enjoy the clean, drinkable water you’d prefer.

We are experts when it comes to lending a hand with home plumbing in Madison, MS and Jackson. This means we fully understand what the water in these areas can be like and we have the best systems to help combat the biggest complaints that residents often have.

Water Issues in Our Area

While some parts of our state have excellent water quality, our area can encounter its fair share of trouble with unwanted tagalongs in our water sources. Some of the biggest issues we encounter:

  • High levels of lead and other metals
  • The presence of chlorine-based products
  • High water hardness (high levels of certain minerals)

We aren’t strangers to these water-based issues. That is why we carry products that can help to tackle even the biggest water quality hindrances.

How Our Water Filters Can Help

Our team is made up of locals from this area and the surrounding areas. We know what it is like to be frustrated with water quality. That’s why we offer some of the best water filtration systems possible to help counteract issues with water quality that are common around here. We provide two key types of water filters to choose from:

  • Whole-house water filters: As you may have guessed, whole house water filtration systems are going to help clean all of the water that enters your home. These systems are installed in your main water line close to where it enters your home. If you struggle with water that isn’t pleasant to drink and also causes problems in other parts of your home (i.e. leaves you feeling dirty after a shower) this can be a great option. We install Chief Water Filtration Systems so you can have the confidence of knowing you have the best whole-home filter around.
  • Point-of-use filters: Perhaps you don’t have serious issues with the water that you use in your showers, laundry machine, and so on. Maybe there is one specific complaint you have about your water quality, such as water that tastes too metallic to drink. This is when a point-of-use filter is a great option. Point-of-use systems can help you enjoy the cleanest possible water at the source you need it from. And they can be combined with whole-house systems for optimal water quality.

Keeping your home running takes a lot of work. With a great water quality system, you can enjoy a little less stress in regards to your plumbing. Why? Because water quality systems can end up benefiting your plumbing appliances, pipes, and drains in the long run, along with improving your personal experience with the water in your home.

If you are looking for ways to improve your home plumbing, water quality, or both, we are the team to turn to!

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