Programming Your Thermostat: A Summer Guide

Programmable ThermostatDid you know that the way you have your thermostat programmed could be costing you money? You can have a cool, comfortable home, and save money on your cooling costs if you learn how to set your thermostat properly in the summer months. Instead of running your AC all day long, learn what temperature to set your unit to in the daytime, the nighttime, and while you are away. Here at Environment Masters, we believe in educating our clients. Here is your summer guide to how to program your thermostat for maximum efficiency.

A Programmable Thermostat is a Powerful Tool When Used Properly

If you want to enjoy summer energy savings, the key is having a programmable thermostat. This powerful tool can be set to control your cooling system while you are at home or away. Many people have programmable applications, but simply do not know how to use them. Program your unit with the following settings and you will notice a drop in your cooling costs:

While You Are At Home

You may like to keep your AC on blast at the lowest setting possible, but this is not necessary. If you want to keep cooling costs low and decrease the need for frequent air conditioner maintenance, set your thermostat temperatures you are comfortable with outside. If you are comfortable going outside when it is 80 degrees, program your thermostat at this setting. This puts less demand on your AC, and ultimately reduces energy costs.

While You Are Away

You do not need to keep your AC on all day long while you are at work or running errands. We recommend to set the unit at 85 degrees, or to set a time for the unit to kick on before you will return home. Today’s thermostats are so advanced that you can select a daily setting and pick a time for the unit to power the cooling system on.

Remember that the higher the degrees, the less money you will spend on your thermostat. Keep your schedule in mind, and select a temperature setting that will keep your home comfortable. If you suspect that your AC is malfunctioning, schedule air conditioner repair as soon as possible with a reliable Jackson air conditioner company. Call Environment Masters at 601-353-4681 for more advice on programming your thermostat.

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