Quick Emergency HVAC Repair Checklist

Admittedly, there arEmergency HVAC Repair Checkliste worse things that can happen over having your HVAC system fail, but that first initial heart sinking feeling when you realize that your system should be on and isn’t can be distressing. Your first reaction is to probably reach for the phone, but there are a couple of things to check first.


Has there been a power outage? If the power has been off, it could have reset the clock, meaning that the system doesn’t know what the time is. Check the timer / clock to see if it is at the right time.

Equally, it is worth checking that any circuit breakers installed haven’t been tripped– make sure power is even reaching the unit.


Is the thermostat set at the right temperature? Depending on the season, you’ll either be demanding cool or warm air. Check that the thermostat hasn’t been altered and that it is demanding a different temperature.

If all else fails…

Once you have carried out the basic checks, it is time now to call a professional HVAC technician to get the problem diagnosed. Along with expert knowledge, we also have a fully stocked service truck with tools and parts at their disposal.

This should mean that downtime will be kept to a minimum, with the least inconvenience and disruption.

Environment Masters is the go-to choice in Jackson, MS, for all of your HVAC needs and wants. We have professional and friendly experts on hand, able to give unbiased and straight talking advice. Our customers’ needs come first; we won’t try and sell you a service if you don’t need it. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Call Environment Masters at 601-353-4681 or contact us online to see exactly what we can do for you.

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