Refrigerant Leaks Will Only Get More Costly to Fix

You may have experienced refrigerant leaks with your air conditioner, and gone with the “Band-Aid” approach time after time, continuing to have a technician come out and recharge your unit. However, as R-22 gets harder and harder to find, eventually you’re going to come to a point of no return where it will simply not be cost-effective to keep having the same repair performed. Here’s why costs for Freon recharges will continue to go up.

Supply and Demand

According to reports, the supply of R-22 was reduced by as much as 30 percent less in 2013. There was approximately 39 million pounds available last year, compared to 55 million pounds available in 2012 and 100 million pounds available in 2011 – and those numbers are a fraction of what was available in 1999 (300 million pounds). The reason is that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ordered that R-22 be phased out because it contains chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which deplete the ozone layer. 

What this means for you is that, basically, the spigot is being tightened more and more with each successive year. If you are continually having to call a technician to come out and recharge your older unit due to refrigerant leaks, the price will get a great deal more expensive. Supplies are dwindling quickly and will only continue to get harder to find.

Time for an Upgrade

Rather than continue paying for refrigerant recharges, why not look into obtaining a new air conditioning system instead? You won’t have to keep paying through the nose every time refrigerant leaks develop, and you’ll have a unit that delivers a much higher level of energy efficiency. If cost is a concern, you may be able to take advantage of rebates and tax credits that can help substantially offset the expense. Also, you’ll save in the long term because your cooling bills will be less each month. To learn more, contact Environment Masters online or call us at 601-353-4681.

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