Resolved: A Greener 2015

Resolved GreenerNew Year’s resolutions? Good luck with those. Procrastination is easy—especially if a deadline feels far in the future. For example, when the EPA first mandated the phase out of the production of FREON R-22, the deadline was years away. Why worry?

It was also hard also to imagine a world without FREON R-22. When CFCs (chloroflourocarbons) were first created in the late 1920s, they were considered a breakthrough in safety, a true wonder substance for all kinds of uses, including refrigeration and air conditioning. FREON R-22 coolant kept home and automobile air conditioners running efficiently and at a relatively low cost.

However, research has shown that CFCs deplete the ozone layer, and now the phase-out of FREON R-22 is upon us. After substantial reductions in previous years, in 2015 the production of FREON R-22 is scheduled to be halved, on the way to total elimination in 2017. That means this summer the cost of repair for older home air conditioning units could be astronomical.

That’s just one of the reasons you may want to look at investing now in a qualified high-efficiency Lennox® heating and air conditioning system from Environment Masters. Act before February 28, 2015, and you can save up to $2,200 in rebates. You’ll also enjoy a special 5% Environment Masters discount in January and February.

And those are the savings you’ll enjoy in addition to substantial savings on monthly energy bills. Plus, with a high-efficiency unit you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re reducing the carbon footprint of your home AC, another way to protect the Earth’s atmosphere.

All together, you’ll be living greener, even as you enjoy more green in your pocket—a lot more green when you start with up to $2,200 in rebates!

It’s great New Year’s resolution: Living greener with more green in 2015.

With up to 2,200 reasons not to procrastinate.

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