Saving Money By Saving Energy During Summer

Your energy bills can easily skyrocket during the summer when you run your AC constantly. As a homeowner, it’s your job to make an effort to save energy during the summer months so that you can also save money. Inefficiency is the leading cause of high energy bills when temperatures rise. If you are not using a programmable thermostat and you have not had your AC serviced, you could be spending 20-30% more on your energy bills then you need to to stay cool.

Tips to Save Money This Summer Without Compromising Your Comfort

Put Your Programmable Thermostat to Use

If you have a thermostat, one of the main ways you can save energy this summer is to program it properly. One of the key features of a thermostat is that you can choose a temperature and the system will only stay on to maintain this temperature in your home.

If you leave your home, the last thing you need to do is keep your AC running while you are away. By setting your thermostat at 78 degrees while home, and 10 degrees higher while you are away, you can save as much as 20% off of your energy bills and extend the life of your unit in the process.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Schedule Routine Maintenance

When is the last time you had your air conditioner serviced? Routine air conditioner maintenance is essential to ensuring that your system runs as efficiently as possible. If your condenser or evaporator coils are dirty, your system will run much harder than it needs to to cool air in your home.

Schedule maintenance appointments annually before you start relying on your AC and you can reduce energy consumption. This means that spring is an ideal time to schedule a tune-up!

Take Action to Save Money

If you need to schedule a service appointment, contact a Jackson air conditioning company you can trust. Environment Masters has a history of excellence in Jackson and will perform a thorough inspection on your system. Take action to save money this season and call 601-353-4681 today.

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