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Air Conditioner Upgrade

Stay cool this summer with a system upgrade from Environment Masters!

The hot weather will return before you know it, and that makes this the right time to start thinking about your air conditioner. If you’ve been considering making an upgrade or your unit was operating poorly last season, Environment Masters can help you by installing a new air conditioner now. Winter specials are available to help you save thousands of dollars, and you will benefit from a more energy efficient system.

Ensure Steady Service

If you have an older system, you could wait and see if your unit will limp through another season, but this is risky business. Your air conditioner is most likely to fail when it’s put under a heavy load, which is often the case when the temperature climbs during Jackson summer temperatures. As air conditioners around the area fail and need replacing, you may find that you have to wait a little while to get service or a new system. Don’t get stuck in the heat—ensure steady service by investing in a new system now.

Superior Savings

Our Jackson air conditioning company is combining manufacturer rebates along with in-house discounts. Combined with a tax credit on your 2013 federal income tax for choosing an energy efficient system, you could save money on your air conditioner upgrade if you choose to act now. Waiting will mean losing out on all of these savings.

Save More with Lower Energy Bills

Older systems are notorious for wasting energy, but a new air conditioner will provide you with comfort, control, and lower energy bills. You can trust that the unit will run reliably throughout the season and that your monthly energy bills will be reduced. Rather than worrying about the high cost of cooling your home, you can turn down the air with confidence and enjoy a comfortable home.

Act Now to Save

Environment Masters is dedicated to providing you with superior home comfort and energy efficiency. We offer low prices on new systems, and our winter sales help you save even more. Whether your system is an aging energy hog or it was struggling last season, trust us to install a properly-sized, energy efficient unit that will provide you with years of reliable service.

Call us today at 601-353-4681 to get a free estimate on your new high-efficiency Lennox system.

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