The Advantages to Updating Your Ductwork

Advantages Updating DuctworkOld ductwork is a drain of energy, resources, and money. In some houses and buildings, the air ducts are so inefficient that they cut the energy efficiency of an air conditioner or heat pump by 25 to 50%. Just like you wouldn’t flush half your money down the drain, you shouldn’t let your old ductwork waste half of the air produced by your HVAC system.

Improved Efficiency & Performance

Updating the ductwork in a home or building means improved energy efficiency and heating and cooling system performance. Your system will not have to work as hard to reach the setting on the thermostat since less of the conditioned or warmed air will be wasted in leaky air ducts. Additionally, your air conditioner or heat pump will experience less wear and tear and be subject to fewer repair and AC maintenance needs.

Lower Utility Bills

In our experience, there are few home or business owners who wouldn’t want to have lower utility bills. Updating your property’s ductwork can do just that—it reduces residential and commercial energy consumption by almost half, which can mean a significant reduction in utility costs.

Improved Environment

Anyone who has ever listened to the banging and clanging of loose ductwork can appreciate what having an updated air duct system can do for a home or building. You will no longer have to listen to these strange, annoying, and loud sounds each time your heating and cooling system cycles.

Error-Proof Installation

With our precise, computer-automated ductwork construction methods, we offer error-proof installation. This means that no improvisation is needed, which results in a perfect fit in every home or business where we work.

Updating Done Right

With Environment Masters, you get years of experience, friendly technicians, and affordable prices. Our Jackson air conditioner company offers customized ductwork for homes and businesses that works perfectly with other HVAC equipment that we service and install.

For more information or to schedule an update to your residential or commercial ductwork, call us at 601-353-4681.

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