The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

It may be time to say “No thanks” to old ways of heating water. With a tankless system the convenience, comfort and efficiency are endless! Buy now and enjoy a $250 rebate!

Thankless. Tankless.

TanklessCold weather and holiday guests are on their way: Lots of hot showers, lots of clothing and dishes to wash. And there’s nothing more thankless than trying to be a great host when you run out of hot water. But hot water without a hot water tank? Is that some kind of holiday miracle? Actually, it’s simple heat-exchange technology. And while tankless hot water systems have been around for a while, now is the perfect time to look at what an Environment Masters Rinnai® tankless system means for you:

  • Never again run out of hot water—Never!—regardless of simultaneous usage. Do dishes, wash clothes, take multiple showers, all at once.
  • Save energy—because you only heat water as you need it. No more heating and reheating all that water in the tank.
  • Never worry about old tank leakage. And because a tankless system uses component parts, change-out is simple, and doesn’t require a whole new system. Plus, tankless systems last longer than tanks. While upfront costs are slightly higher, your return on investment shows it’s a wise purchase.
  • Save space—A tankless system is about the size of a carry-on suitcase, giving you flexibility in installation.
  • Increase the value of your home—with an improved Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index score.

Buy before December 31, 2014*, and receive a $250 rebate from Atmos Energy or Centerpoint Energy.

Your guests will thank you—and with endless hot water and lower energy costs, you’ll be glad you did!  Contact us today at 601-353-4681 to learn more!
*Rebates are rewarded on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds are depleted.

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