Tips on Getting the Most from Your Heating System

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We all know that the cost of energy is rising, and it doesn’t look set to come down again. Thoughts turn to saving money, not just with your energy bills but with life in general, money seems to get tighter every day.

While we can’t hand you a big stack of dollar bills, we can help you to the next best thing – ways to help cut down that energy bill and associated costs.


Lifestyle habits can play a part in how best to run your heating system, some people opting for the ’24-hour constantly on low’ method and others choosing to run the system as least as possible. Taking advice from Environment Masters will give you the information you need to make an informed choice as to what may work best for you. Of course, along with lifestyle, there are other factors that need accounting for – environment and geography are just another two.


Using a programmable thermostat can make a noticeable difference to your energy bill – it allows for precise control and programming, possibly even zoning different areas of your home. Another good tip is to try and reduce the temperature by just a few degrees – it can make a surprising difference to your energy usage.


We know that you’re thinking this article was to help you save money, not spend it! But … regular maintenance of your heating system will ensure that it’s working at peak efficiency, allowing for quicker cycling times on heating up, meaning that the heater is actually working less! Not only that, but potential problems can be spotted before they do further damage or cause a complete system failure – it’s normally cheaper to repair a minor fault than calling out an emergency technician.

Environment Masters is always happy to give professional and unbiased advice, either to try and help running costs or for a full system replacement, we’ll never try and upsell you services or products that you don’t need.

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