Upgrading to a Tankless Water Heater

The underlying goal behind a tankless water heater is to use energy only when hot water is required. Just about every issue with the conventional water heaters can be rectified with a tankless unit. For new plumbing installation and the chance to upgrade to one of these amazing units, call our at Environment Masters. Below are some advantages we’ve highlighted just for you.

Reduction in Total Water Heating Costs

Since the tankless unit only heat water when necessary, the total cost of energy will be cut in half. Given the fact that there is no storage tank, the loss of thermal heat is eliminated.

No Running Out of Hot Water

If necessary, these units can run for the entire day without ever running out of hot water. They heat water instantly upon demand, so there are no worries about waiting for hours for the tank to refill.

Control Temperature with Ease

Thanks to the sophistication of tankless units, water temperatures can easily be set to levels that are far more reasonable on a regular basis. The potential risk for scalding is eliminated when the temperature is programmed to a realistic setting. For every 10 degrees of temperature reduction, the savings equates to another 3% on energy bills.

No Problems with Hard Water

Since there is no storage of hot water in the unit, the tankless systems are able to withstand any hard minerals and sediments in the water supply better than their conventional counterparts. The potential for leaks, ruptures, and decreased efficiency are virtually eliminated.

Once you have a tankless system installed in your home, you will never want to switch to another unit again. As a Jackson plumber, Environment Masters has been helping homeowners for quite some time. For any questions, or to schedule your appointment, call 601-353-4681 today.

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