What’s Really in Your Drinking Water?

water filtration systemThe local water plant sends clean water to your home, but have you ever wondered if it’s really clean? The fact is that most cities have more than 2,000 different chemicals floating in their public water. Ranging from chlorine and fluoride to herbicides and even asbestos, these chemicals are dangerous for the health of your family. Fortunately, you can trust Environment Masters to remove them with a water filtration system.

Sources of Contamination

There are countless sources of contamination that harm water quality. Some chemicals come from agricultural run-off, drilling wastes, metal refineries, and other factories. Local processing plants try to remove all of these pollutants, but their systems simply are not capable of truly cleaning the water and ridding it completely of trace amounts of these chemicals.

Other chemicals are intentionally added. Fluoride is routinely put in drinking water to make our teeth stronger, but the harm to our bodies exceeds the minimal benefit our teeth receive. Others are added to kill bacteria in the water. While chlorine is necessary to make the water safer, do you really want your kids consuming that chemical?

Health Benefits of Clean Water

When you invest in a water filtration system, you will provide your family with water that is clean and safe. The water will look clear and smell fresh. Additionally, using filtered water reduces your risk of various cancers, protects your body from disease, and even protects you from gastrointestinal diseases. You will also notice that your food and drinks made at home taste better.

Benefits for Your Home

In addition to improving your health and protecting your family, filtered water is also better for your home. A whole-house filtration system installed by a Jackson plumber will send clean water to every faucet in the home. Fixtures will last longer, your detergents will work better, and you will be able to make your entire home cleaner. That’s also good news for your family’s health.

There are countless benefits to investing in clean water for your home. While local city municipal water centers strive to clean the water coming into and leaving from their facilities, they still leave a lot to be desired. Even if your water looks clean, it could still be contaminated with thousands of dangerous chemicals and bacteria.

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