What’s the Difference Between a Furnace and a Boiler?

difference between a furnace and a boilerThe question of the difference between a boiler and a furnace is still relevant to homeowners today. Here at Environment Masters, we install and repair all types of heating and cooling systems and know the difference between these two units, which we explain below.

Furnaces are a type of heater that provide the main heat source in a home using electricity, natural gas, propane, or oil as fuel to warm a heat exchanger. Forced air is blown over the heat exchanger and the warmed air is carried through ducts to heat all of the rooms of a house. The blower motor and air ducts are used to carry cool air from a central air conditioning system in the summer.

A boiler system is a system that heats water circulated through pipes that connect to heat exchangers, commonly called radiators, found at floor level around the outside walls of a room. Some homes still have old cast iron radiators connected to the boiler system, and there are new versions of the old decorative style of radiators available today. However, most modern systems are just copper pipes with aluminum fins connected to them to radiate heat that are covered with a white or tan metal cover.

Most people think that only commercial buildings like schools or hospitals use boiler systems to provide heat throughout the building. Some large campuses still use a central boiler system in one building that delivers heat through buried pipes to all of the rest of the buildings on the property. However, smaller versions of boiler systems are still used in residential homes to provide the main heat source.

As your Jackson heating technicians, we repair both types of systems. A forced air furnace may need repairs to the burners, blower motor, flue, or other components. Hot water boilers may share things such as burners and flues, but there is no blower motor. A hot water system may additionally need leak repairs or circulating pump repair.

Environment Masters is your local heater repair specialist for all systems. We also provide furnace and boiler installation for residential and commercial customers. Whatever your heating and air conditioning needs, give us a call at 601-353-4681 for more information.

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