Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking?

Air Conditioner LeakingSeeing condensation near an air conditioner is normal, since condensation is a byproduct of cooling. However, pooling water and leaks usually indicate trouble. If your air conditioner was recently installed, it may have been installed incorrectly at an angle that allows water to leak out instead of draining properly. Faulty seals that allow air into the unit could also cause excessive condensation and leaks. A broken condensate pump may also be responsible for leaks. Most of these issues require professional repair. A drain clogged with dirt or debris can cause leaks, too, but most homeowners can fix this issue independently. Finally, as cooling season ends and temperatures fall, leaks may occur frequently, because the condenser coil may freeze at night and water cannot evaporate as quickly into cooler air. Leaks during this season are usually not cause for concern.

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