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Air Conditioner Maintenance Jackson MSWhen it comes to air conditioner maintenance, the professionals with Environment Masters can be trusted for quality service. Our company was formed in 1957, and integrity has been the foundation of our business every day since. We will always have your best interests at heart, and will do whatever it takes to make sure your home Ac unit runs like when we first installed it.

What regular maintenance do air conditioning systems need?

It is safe to say that air conditioning systems require regular maintenance and inspection. However, the type of maintenance needed can vary from unit to unit and from town to town. This is due to age of the unit itself, as well as the external temperatures an air conditioning system is up against. To meet all requirements, the Environment Masters created the Priority One Maintenance Program.

The Priority One Maintenance Program

One of the best ways of avoiding the need for AC repair is by following a regular maintenance program. YouTube can walk you through how to change an air filter on your Ac system, but other maintenance can be much more difficult and require the experience of a certified service professional. Our trained professionals have the experience and the knowledge to answer all your questions. Our Priority One Maintenance Program can give you peace of mind as well as deep discounts on services.
$15 OFF for New Priority One Maintenance Program Customers
We provide a bi-annual service during spring and fall which will make sure your cooling system is ready to keep you comfortable no matter what the elements can dish out. When you call us, we’ll send an expert to check your system from top to bottom. Here are few services you will be able to expect:

  • Cleaning drain lines
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Filter replacements
  • Wiring checks to ensure safety
  • Lubrication of components where necessary

Also, if you’re a Priority One member you’ll get 10 percent off any repair services you may need, and you’ll also jump to the top of our service list when you call.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

What we suggest, beyond maintenance help from our professional team, is also your own maintenance and upkeep. There are some air conditioner maintenance tips we suggest to all of customers. We would say that visibility is key. Don’t be cautious to eyeball your air conditioner. If something looks off, it probably is. Make sure everything is plugged in and in its proper place. Sometimes the smallest maintenance, like checking things are in their proper place, is much needed.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Gulf States Power and the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service of Louisiana State University teamed up several years ago to examine just how beneficial air conditioner maintenance is for homeowners. They collected a large amount of data from several homes in regard to energy usage and wear and tear on cooling systems. Next, they performed tune-ups on these systems and later collected more data.

The team of researchers found tune-ups not only save energy, they save money as well; an average of more than $60 per month. Just about everybody can use that much money in his or her bank account. The study also found even 12 months of operation can take a serious toll on an air conditioner; in order to reap the benefits of improved efficiency, it is important that maintenance be performed once year.

To schedule your air conditioner maintenance, contact Environment Masters online or call us at (601) 353-4681.

How much does an annual maintenance plan cost?

Environment Masters offers two service options for our heating and air conditioning customers: the twice a year and quarterly maintenance plans. These periodic checkups help maintain the peak performance and efficiency of your system, and save on operating costs and possible repairs down the road.

Some heating and cooling problems can double your operating costs without reducing the comfort level of your home. If the refrigerant in your air conditioning unit is undercharged by just 15%, you’ll pay 25% more in cooling costs. Irregular maintenance or no maintenance can take as much as 30% off your unit’s life span.

That’s why the Priority One seasonal checkup is such an important component of the Priority One Program. The twice yearly program is $183 per year per unit and the quarterly program is $296 per unit. And as a member of the Priority One program you also receive priority on service calls – your call will be handled before any non-member, and you automatically receive a 10% discount on any parts and repair.

Does maintenance guarantee that my air conditioner will not break down?

While various conditions may lead to an air conditioner breaking down over time or through extreme weather conditions, regular maintenance can ensure the unit is running efficiently throughout the year at a greater rate. Regularly scheduled visits will include the replacement of air filters, the cleaning of evaporators and condenser coils, the removal of debris from high winds or storms, cleaning of clogged drains, and the necessary lubricants required to ensure all moving parts run correctly. There are a lot of little moving parts inside an AC unit that require careful maintenance and proper care.

An HVAC technician will go over every single step in the unit, ensuring everything is running properly. With scheduled maintenance, a technician is capable of inspecting and fixing any problems that could occur from worn down units. This will greatly effect how long the air conditioner can run without breaking down throughout the year.

What are some preventative maintenance tips I should be aware of?

Individuals can easily perform their own maintenance on an air conditioning unit throughout the year by keeping all of the filters and coils clear of any debris that may have gathered. If the unit is located near shrubbery, try to keep the greenery trimmed and away from the unit to prevent blockage or inefficient cooling. Lastly, be sure to check all the seals and ducts on the unit. Performing these regular checks will alert you to any problems the unit may be experiencing before the next maintenance visit occurs.

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