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Air Handlers Jackson, MSOne of the most important components of your AC unit is the air handler, which is a large metal box that contains several heating and cooling elements. While it is usually located in a garage or attic, there are other times when it may be in your kitchen’s utility room. Like any other component of an HVAC system, parts can go bad and it is important you have maintenance performed to avoid expensive problems.

At Environment Masters, we are qualified and trained to take care of your air handler maintenance. We’ll check it from top to bottom and make sure it is not only operating properly, but operating safely as well.

Benefits of an Air Handler

An air handler is comprised of several parts. Here are some of the most important:

  • Blower/Fan: The blower is usually found in a squirrel-cage type of housing and driven by an electric motor. In some systems, the motor needs to be lubricated periodically to ensure it stays in good working order.
  • Heating/Cooling Element: The element that changes the supply air temperature.
  • Filters: The filter needs to be as clean as possible in order to make sure the air that circulates through your home is free of contaminants. You should change your filter, on average once every 45-60 days.
  • Humidifier: Usually necessary in colder climates where the heater constantly running, and the humidifier prevents really dry air.
  • Mixing Chamber: Many air handlers bring in outdoor air and send indoor air out of the exhaust, keeping your indoor air quality high. The mixing chamber is designed to control the ratio between the two types of air.

Again, this just scratches the surface of the many components found in the typical air handler. The more components, the more of a chance something can go wrong if proper maintenance does not occur. If one of these critical parts fails, it can lead to a chain reaction of problems which could result in the need for very expensive repairs. Don’t risk this type of issue happening to you. Contact Environment Masters to have one of our expert technicians come to your home or office and make sure all parts are in proper working order.

Air Handler Installation

When it comes to ensuring your home or commercial property is as comfortable as possible, nothing beats an HVAC system we have professionally installed. In the middle of summer, the heat can be too much. In the winter, the cold gets into the home. An efficient HVAC system can turn the tide and ensure everyone in the building is comfortable.

To better regulate and circulate air throughout a home, we can install an air handler along with the heating and cooling system. You can either run an air conditioner or a heat pump with an air handler, depending on which you require at the time. Our expert technicians will install the system and teach you how to make use of the air handler effectively. We have the knowledge and skills to share with homeowners in the Jackson area. When it comes to comfort, don’t skimp on your system.

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