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HVAC Preventative Maintenance Jackson, MSA lot of people simply take their heating and cooling system for granted, giving it little or no thought until something goes wrong, but if you are fed up with high energy bills, you should have HVAC preventative maintenance performed on a regular basis. If you don’t, your heating and cooling costs could be twice as much as they should be. At Environment Masters, we can perform a thorough inspection of your residential or commercial HVAC equipment to make sure they stay running in top condition for a very long time.

We Make Maintenance Priority One

When you join our Priority One Maintenance Program, we will regularly provide top-to-bottom service on your HVAC system to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible. You will enjoy substantial discounts on parts and repairs, priority service calls and much more.

Not only does regular maintenance extend the life of your air conditioner and furnace, but also heat pumps and boilers. These inspections can uncover minor issues before they become major problems which will cost a great deal of money to fix. You’ll not only save money, but a great deal of the hassle that is associated with HVAC system breakdowns.

Following services you can expect when you call us for HVAC preventative maintenance:

Cooling System Maintenance

  • Condenser coil cleaning to maintain the correct refrigerant pressure
  • Lubrication, cleaning and inspection of all motors
  • Flushing the condensate drain
  • Checking refrigerant charge
  • Cleaning and changing filters where necessary
  • Inspecting and adjusting belts and pulleys
  • Inspecting the evaporator coil
  • Inspection and testing unit wiring and controls

Heating System Maintenance

  • Inspecting the heat exchanger for deterioration and cracks
  • Inspecting and cleaning burners for optimum combustion
  • Checking safety controls
  • Inspecting the blower for maximum motor life
  • Checking and adjusting pulleys and belts
  • Inspecting the flue pipe for corrosion and leaks
  • Checking the air filter and replacing or cleaning it if necessary

Don’t trust your HVAC preventative maintenance services to anyone else but the experts with Environment Masters. We want you to stay comfortable in your home or business year round, and will do whatever it takes to ensure your equipment operates correctly so you don’t need costly repairs. Contact us online or call us at (601) 353-4681 to set an appointment.

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