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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Jackson, MS

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Tell us if this sounds familiar: It’s boiling hot out (or maybe it’s freezing) and you’ve been using your climate control to stay comfortable all day. Except, going without fresh air the whole day has made the atmosphere inside kind of feel like a tomb. You want to get some air flowing into the house, but the only way to do that is to open a window and compromise your heating or cooling efficiency and effectiveness. So, what do you do?

Well, if you have a heat or energy recovery ventilator, the problem is already taken care of. If this is a problem you experience frequently, you definitely should consider taking advantage of our HRV and ERV services. Environment Masters, Inc. offers a full range of installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services for heat and energy recovery ventilators in Jackson, MS. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Trusted. Since 1957.

Environment Masters, Inc. - Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators
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Why Use an HRV or ERV?

So, what is the point of an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) or ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) system anyway? Well, like we stated above, the purpose of both of these system is to keep your home’s air fresh without compromising your climate control. They accomplish this by being installed in your home’s ductwork, with a new duct running outside to give them access to fresh air.

As the air from inside the home flows out through the ventilator, and vice versa, the two flows pass each other in a heat exchanger. This equalizes the temperature, so that the air flowing into your home’s ducts from outside is roughly the same temperature as the air already in the home. This allows you to avoid the problem of having stale air in your home, without compromising your comfort levels or driving up your bills.

The Difference Between ERV and HRV Systems

So, what’s the difference between HRV systems and ERV systems? Heat recovery ventilators only transfer heat to maintain the proper temperature inside the home. Energy recovery ventilators, though, go a little further. ERV systems also work to maintain a humidity balance in the home, by ensuring that the air entering it is not too dry or too humid. Fresh air is nice, but not if it just introduces a new and uncomfortable quality to your home’s air. If you have problems with humidity imbalances in your home, it’s probably a good idea to use an energy recovery ventilator just for the added benefit.

Trust Us to Install Your HRV and ERV Systems

Installing an HRV or ERV is pretty specialized work. It takes a bit of construction work to properly install the system and add the additional ductwork. It also takes a lot of HVAC knowledge to make sure that the air flows properly between the home and the outdoor environment.

So, make sure that you find the best contractor you can to handle your HRV and ERV services for you. Environment Masters, Inc. installs, repairs, maintains, and replaces HRV and ERV systems throughout Jackson, MS. Contact us today for an appointment, and we’ll make sure that you get the best solution for your needs.