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Master Water Filtration and Treatment Jackson, MSYour drinking and bathing water could be filled with potential harmful chemicals such as zinc, mercury, lead, chlorine and pesticides, just to name a few. If you want complete peace of mind knowing the water you and your family use are as safe as possible, you need to consider home water filtration services from the experts with Environment Masters. We can provide you with the home water treatment products needed to ensure your supply remains clean and fresh.

Water Filtration Service

When you call us, we’ll send a technician to your home who will thoroughly evaluate your tap water and determine the right type of home water filtration system for your needs. Whether you’re installation or repair service, we’ll take care of it. Here are just some of the water filtration services we offer:

Not only will you be assured of a continual supply of delicious water throughout your home, you’ll also notice the flavor of your food will be enhanced. You’ll also have less wrinkled skin when you come out of your bath or shower because chlorine will be largely eliminated. Yet another benefit is the fact your plumbing fixtures will last longer because corrosive chemicals will no longer be in your water.

Water Treatment Service

When magnesium and calcium are allowed to accumulate in your pipes, this mineral buildup can result in scale and reduce the flow of water. When you have home water treatment performed, however, not only will scale be reduced, your clothes will be brighter, your dishes will be cleaner and your skin will be softer.

You should seriously consider home water treatment if you notice either of the following:

  • Your glasses and dishes have water spots on them after they’re washed. This is typically the result of hard water.
  • Your tub or shower has a buildup of soap scum. This is because your soap is not properly lathering because of calcium and magnesium in your water.

If you’re ready to have a home water filtration system installed in your home or you would like to learn more about our home water treatment service, call Environment Masters at (601) 353-4681 or contact us online.

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