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Tankless Water Heaters in Jackson, MS

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When it comes to water heater installation, a lot of people don’t actually know that they have a choice in what type they get. Most people assume that the tank variety is the only kind available for their homes, and so they install it when it may not be the best option for them. That’s not to say that tank water heaters are bad, of course. It’s just that a tank water heater may not be the best solution for your home’s individual needs.

Environment Masters, Inc. provides comprehensive tankless water heater services, from installation to repair, maintenance, and replacement. If you’re looking for tankless water heater services in Jackson, MS, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Trusted. Since 1957.

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Why Use a Tankless Water Heater?

So, what situation would call for a tankless water heater instead of a tank model? Well, in order to answer that question, you have to understand a bit about the pros and cons of each. Tank water heaters store large amounts of water in a storage tank, and keep it heated at all times. This makes them convenient, because they always have hot water on–hand. However, it also means that they spend a lot of energy on an annual basis heating water unnecessarily.

By contrast, a tankless water heater doesn’t use a storage tank at all. Instead, it uses a heat exchanger to heat water as it flows through the system. Tankless water heaters only activate when needed, and spend the rest of the time in standby mode. This makes them more energy efficient than tank water heaters, and more space efficient, as well. However, there is a slight delay between when you turn on the faucet and when hot water arrives. Tankless water heaters can be more easily overwhelmed by demand, too, but that’s only a problem if you have multiple people using a lot of hot water at once.

Need a Tankless Water Heater Installed or Replaced?

If you are getting ready to have a tankless water heater installed in your home, you should make sure that it gets the best possible installation services. We provide comprehensive tankless water heater installation services, so your system can have the best possible start. We also offer replacement services, for when your tankless water heater has run its course and you need a new one. Let us ensure that your tankless water heater gets what it needs to start serving your home as smoothly as possible.

We Repair and Maintain Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters need repairs just as often as any other system, though there are ways to lessen the likelihood of damaging issues a bit. You should schedule tankless water heater maintenance at least once a year, in order to make sure any developing problems are dealt with as quickly as possible. The earlier the problems are caught and dealt with, the longer your tankless water heater will stay in good shape. If and when a problem does develop, though, don’t hesitate to contact us. Environment Masters, Inc. offers tankless water heater repair services throughout Jackson, MS.