Plumbing Contractor Florence, MS

Plumbing Contractor Florence, MSYou can usually count on the weather in Florence to be beautiful. However, we can get cold snaps like a lot of other areas of the country. When we do, sometimes our plumbing can’t handle it and pipes burst as a result. If you ever have to deal with this or any other type of plumbing emergency, the Florence plumbers with Environment Masters will be there promptly to get your problem fixed so you can get back to normal.

Water Line Services

The water lines that supply a home or business can corrode due to a buildup of lime or rust and break. If this happens, potentially harmful contaminants such as zinc can get into the water you drink. No matter how small a break or leak may be, you want it taken care of as quickly as possible. Our Florence plumbers have advanced tools and equipment that can find a leak and get it fixed quickly and efficiently. Once the work is finished, we will give you video proof that your plumbing issues have been rectified. You’ll no longer have to worry about your water bill being too high because you’re wasting water due to a leak.

Drain Clogs

A clogged drain can lead to a lot of headaches; that’s why you need yours cleared as quickly as possible. We have powerful equipment that can scour your pipes clean and eliminate even the most stubborn obstruction. No matter what time of the day or night you need us, we’ll be there to help.

Water Heaters

We can repair or replace your water heater so you can once again enjoy hot water. It can be easy to take that convenience for granted until something goes wrong. If we can repair your unit we will; if, however, we feel you’d be better off with a replacement, we’ll clearly spell out why. We can also tell you about why you might want to install a tankless water system.

Let the Florence plumbers with Environment Masters provide you with peace of mind knowing your plumbing problem will be taken care of right the first time. Give us a call at (601) 353-4681 or contact us online to schedule service.

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