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Plumbers Mendenhall, MSIt’s a well-known fact that plumbing problems are major inconveniences which typically occur at the worst possible time. That’s why the Mendenhall plumbers with Environment Masters are ready to help you with your issue, no matter what the time of the day or night. We will regularly perform our job in complete compliance with all applicable local codes so you and our professionals are as safe as possible.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

When you think of plumbing emergencies, you probably first think of problems like burst pipes and sewage backups. Water heater issues may not immediately come to mind, but trust us – if yours breaks down you’ll want it fixed or replaced as soon as you possibly can.

Typically, though, a water heater will give you some signs that it needs to be serviced before a catastrophe happens. If you notice any of the following, call us so we can send one of our Mendenhall plumbers to your home and assess your situation.

  • Your water suddenly has a foul smell.
  • You either don’t have enough hot water or you don’t have any at all.
  • You hear odd noises coming from your unit.
  • Your water is rust-colored.

While there are some instances where we will recommend a repair, most of the time we will more than likely suggest you have your water heater replaced. If this is the case, we will perform a thorough analysis of your home’s hot water needs and recommend the model that will be right for you.

You may want to consider having a tankless water heater installed in your home rather than a traditional, tank-type model. Tankless systems provide you hot water only when you need it; you won’t have to worry about wasting money heating water when you don’t. Whether you want a traditional or tankless system, our professionals know all makes and models so you know your job will be taken care of correctly the first time.

Whether you have a problem with your water heater or need any other type of plumbing service, the Mendenhall plumbers with Environment Masters are ready to help. Contact us online or call us at (601) 353-4681 to set an appointment.

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