• The technicians were friendly, quick and efficient.
    I called on Wednesday and had a new water heater on Thursday. The technicians were friendly, quick and efficient. They answered all of our questions and stayed around to make sure everything was working before they left. Their prices are reasonable and the technicians are honest about repairs that you need (unlike Draingo who quoted us $5k with no other option besides a tankless water heater). We will definitely be using Environment Masters for all of our plumbing needs. Thanks, Steven B!

    - T D.

  • 150% satisfied!
    It won’t let me click on HVAC maintenance, but Don and another tech spent 5 hours checking all A/C and Furnaces, water heaters, vents and filters, ducts, etc. The Huskies n Goldie at our home were happy to see them; but REALLY wanted to see the Dog on the TV Ads that dreams he’s playing Football 🏈! These guys do my husband’s Orthodontic Office, as well as the
    three heated and cooled rooms at our Horse Farm. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ at EACH
    LOCATION GIVES THEM FIFTEEN STARS IN OUR BOOK! They’d get twenty if we could just get them to bring that sweet DOG! 😉 You just can’t go wrong with their friendliness, professionalism, and knowledge of the job; from the first phone call, throughout the job, until the payment is done and you walk him to the door. 150% satisfied! Thank you Environment Masters, and Thank you, Don! God Bless you all!

    - Peggy B.

  • He is an asset to the company.
    Josh M did a very good job! He was professional and friendly. Josh did a good job of explaining everything going on with the units in a way I could understand. He is an asset to the company. I highly recommend Environment Masters.

    - Mari I.

  • He is always professional and thorough in conducting his work
    Cole did an excellent job in the maintenance of my HVAC units, just as he had previously done in repairing one of my units. He is always professional and thorough in conducting his work, explaining what he will be doing and answering any questions I may have. Thanks Cole!

    - Frank D.

  • They will come ASAP if you have a contract or not!
    My parents encouraged me to use Environment Masters when we bought our home because they’ve had a maintenance contract with them for years. The first time I had an A/C problem in the hot summer I called EM. They came to our house the same day we called & repaired the A/C the same day! They’re very kind & have talented, excellent employees. They’ve always given the best service & the best prices. They will come ASAP if you have a contract or not! The maintenance contract is the best way to take care of your home & that saves money in the long run as well. I recommend this company to my family, my friends & anyone who reads this.

    - Kim F.

  • Environment Masters expertise and professionalism is next to none.
    Environment Masters expertise and professionalism is next to none. I can’t speak more highly of Randy. He discovered the problem immediately and told me exactly what I needed to do to have it fixed (a breaker was blown so I needed an electrician). He was thorough with everything he did and even checked a separate heating unit and hot water heater for me since he was already here.

    - Chance F.

  • I love Environment Masters!
    I love Environment Masters! They are trustworthy, dependable and knowledgeable. I will always use them for my maintenance and will trust them to recommend new AC units and heating units when that time comes.

    - Whit J

  • they are worth every penny.
    I have been a customer for over 30 years. Every technician that has ever been here has been extremely competent, friendly and honest. They take the time to explain thoroughly if you ask. You may pay a little more for Environment Masters, (I would not know) but they are worth every penny.

    - Robert G.

  • always goes above & beyond a simple service call
    Environment Masters always goes above & beyond a simple service call. They ask questions & listen when the customer gives an answer to see if there is a potential problem other than just a filter change. The service techs are knowledgeable & friendly but efficient with time.

    - Kathy L.

  • Very professional services offered.
    Very professional services offered. The employee dispatcher called me twice; first to confirm an appointment, second to let me know when service rep arrived. Spoke with clear voice courteous service. Employee tech greeted me thanked me courteous friendly prompt professional service wearing face mask and practicing social distancing. Explained what he was doing and what he had done

    - Deborah D.

  • I was very impressed.
    Awesome job by Shaun! I was in a panic and they were able to work me in within a couple of hours. I could tell Shaun had extensive plumbing experience. He put my mind at ease as soon as he got to my house, identified the problem, fixed it, and followed through on every minute detail. I was very impressed. EM is just a great company, always reliable, always professional. Thanks to Shaun and everyone at EM!

    - Sarah B.

  • Professional, courteous and very friendly.
    Shaun was fantastic! Professional, courteous and very friendly. He explained what the issue was and how he planned to resolve it. In very short order the issue was fixed and our plumbing services were restored. Even though this was an emergent issue, Shaun took efforts to make his service call as painless and unintrusive as possible. I highly recommend Environment Masters for any issues homeowners may have.

    - Trace A.

  • A well-completed job in a speedy 24-hour
    Steven B. went above & beyond in his service. He said he takes pride in his work & not only did it show in his work but in his communication & service as well. He represents Environment Masters very well in the quality of his work, how he handles a job, communication, & customer service. I will request Steven B. for future service. Environment Masters was very easy to work with & their customer service was excellent. A well-completed job in a speedy 24-hour turnaround was nice too.

    - K

  • I was pleased with his suggestions and the information
    Josh was knowledgeable very polite and helpful. I would recommend that you send him to represent you anywhere. I was pleased with his suggestions and the information on which he based it. I would be happy for him to do the work. Seemed very trustworthy and straightforward. I intend to use this company to do the work today was an estimate for the work needed. Give Josh a raise!

    - Tarry H.

  • Outstanding job!
    Outstanding job! Completely professional from the first call through completion. No shortcuts. The technicians took their time, listened to my concerns, and made sure the job was perfect before they departed. Highly recommend.

    - Clay B.

  • Very good experience.
    Very good experience. The new equipment installed has exceeded my expectations and performs great. Both systems are so quiet, you can't even tell they are running. Corey was a pleasure to work with. He was courteous and professional. He installed everything efficiently and was very knowledgeable about his work. I would not hesitate to recommend Environment Masters to my friends and request that Corey do the work.

    - Gary L.

  • Customer service goes a long way!
    I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Environment Masters. Customer service is A-1! Expect a call from the owners just to make sure you're satisfied. Each technician is knowledgeable and personable, but my favorites are Don and Marcus! I had a hefty AC repair that ultimately resulted in replacement of the attic air handler. It was hot work in the attic but Marcus was gracious, meticulous and patient. Keep hiring great people, Environment Masters. Customer service goes a long way!

    - Tonia T.

  • Josh and Daniel are great technicians.
    Josh and Daniel are great technicians. They were efficient, polite, punctual and it was generally a pleasure to have them working on my system. The best part is that they installed the AC controls for all three floors and had everything cooling the house in a couple of hours. I would gladly request them the next time I need service. There are keepers.

    - Charmain K.

  • outstanding people.

    Environment Masters employees, both technical line personnel and office personnel are friendly and professional. They work hard to make your dealings with them as pleasant as possible. Sometimes they must bring you bad news such as "Your compressor has reached its end of life and needs to be replaced." Yep, happened to me. While this is neither what you want to hear nor what they want to say, they do try to give you options and break it to you as gently as they can.

    You and I may not be made of money, but they do try to be made of professionalism, kindness, and understanding.

    Environment Masters is made of good - no scratch that - outstanding people.👍😁

    - Dennis D.

  • Excellent customer service.
    Called on Friday at 3 in the afternoon and received a quick same-day response for a broken air conditioner. After the technician arrived and determined what failed, he called several places in the Jackson area to find a part for an old air conditioning system and then stayed late to finish the job. Initially, his parts department stated it had to be ordered and wouldn't arrive for 3 days. This technician went the extra mile to get us going. Excellent customer service.

    - Bill M.

  • Incredible service!!! Well done!!!
    l can't even begin to tell how awesome these guys are! On time, courteous, extremely professional, went above & beyond! Replaced my water heater and HVAC system. While the electrician was here he replaced a bad breaker and when the plumber was clearing the water lines of air he realized that I had some toilet issues and he fixed those as well. Also had an issue with my return air vent cover and the HVAC guy fixed that too! Incredible service!! Well done!!!

    - Carol M.

  • I feel like a Winner on both issues!
    My husband recommended Environmental Masters because does business with the company and knew their great reputation. The company sent Ryan out and he did a great job and explained everything perfectly. I have been having a terrible time with dust and little white pieces coming out of my ducts, especially our bedroom. I knew probably the ducts had an opening in the attic. When Ryan got here, he heard the problem and went right to work in the attic. He had the most helpful attitude ever. Then he also checked my dryer vent behind the dryer and cleaned that up. THANK YOU Ryan and Environment Masters☝️‼️‼️ And, I bought a maintenance plan for a little more than the bill I would have paid. They will come out two times a year and check everything‼️ I feel like a Winner on both issues‼️‼️

    - Phyllis W.

  • we finally found this reputable and honest plumbing company.
    GREAT experience with Daniel Francis from Environmental Masters. Thank heavens we finally found this reputable and honest plumbing company. We have a home warranty that forced us to initially use another company (Drain Go) that did unnecessary and overpriced work that we had to pay for out of pocket ...and didn't even fix all of our issues after paying a price-gouging $7425 during the Covid-19 pandemic. DrainGo said we had to have an outside cleanout access point installed ($3200) because they couldn't locate one to put a camera through. (Daniel of Environmental Masters later located SIX access points to mainline under our house.) Environmental Masters would have charged a third of Drain Go's overinflated price. Our son is a doctor and had to have workable indoor plumbing so he could come home briefly to shower, eat and sleep before racing back to patients in the hospital. Yesterday, DrainGo returned to our house after we voiced our displeasure of still not having a workable kitchen sink after paying $7425 and they wanted another $3100 for "additional undetected" repairs.  We declined any further services from them and instead contacted Environmental Masters ...where Daniel quoted us $900 to complete the entire job. Thank you Daniel for your ethical and professional workmanship. You're a true asset to your community and company. Senator Michael & Vickey McLendon

    - Vickey M.

  • They are very reasonably priced
    I can highly recommend Environment Masters for peak professional heating and cooling system performance. Since being an Environment Masters customer, our heating and cooling system has performed perfectly. They are very reasonably priced and their service team members are the type of folk you can feel comfortable letting into your home.

    - Francis R.

  • Thank you for sending a great team!
    Josh and Issac both did GREAT jobs; I was EXTREMELY pleased with their presentations and help -- I know pretty much nothing about water filtration systems

    We have talked to a few companies and after this presentation, we're definitely going with Environment Masters

    Thank you for sending a great team!

    - William T.

  • The entire crew was professional, helpful, full of information
    We had Environment Masters install a new central A/C and heat system as ours was worn out. From sales to installation, I was totally pleased. The salesperson knew all the factors to take into account to "right size" the system to our house based on house size, orientation to the sun, windows, etc. They provided 3 different quotes based on different system efficiencies and left them with us to decide.

    Once we made our choice, they were back 2 days later with the entire system. This is when I became totally impressed. During installation, a number of issues were found with my ductwork. Many areas where I had leaks were found. The worst was on the intake to the entire unit (plenum). There was a 1" wide and 3 ft long gap in the plenum that was allowing super hot and humid air to get sucked into the system - only cool air from inside the house is supposed to enter here. This was from the previous installation of my old system. This meant my A/C unit had been working to cool super hot attic air that should have never entered the unit - drastically reducing any efficiency. I hate to think about how much extra that gap cost me over the years!  They also discovered leaks in the supply ducts that was allowing cool air to blow into the attic, again making the unit work harder. The technicians also noted a lack of enough vents in my house. A large master closet on an outside wall with no vent for example. They also recommended an additional vent in our master bedroom.

    Environment Masters performed all of the duct sealing at the same quoted price, even though it was not accounted for in the initial bill. They did charge to add the two new vents but it was VERY fair and each area they recommended were hot spots we had noticed for years.

    I was informed that the blower that was selected to be used in the system was out of stock so they upsized to a larger blower.  This was a multi speed blower that was much more efficient and again, it was provided at no additional charge to avoid a delay in my installation.

    The entire crew was professional, helpful, full of information and constantly looking for ways to make the installation as efficient as possible. When they left, there was not a speck of dust to show they'd been there.

    Our house cools and heats so much more evenly now. We love the smart thermostat!  And, efficiency?  We are on budget billing so our electric bill is pretty consistent. Before the new system, our bill was  $130/month. Now, it's $85.  

    There were a couple of adjustments that had to be made after installation  (like de-rating the fan even more and getting the thermostat dialed in). Every one of these adjustments was handled at no cost and the techs showed as scheduled.

    We were also told that the manufacturer was offering a free warranty extension and Environment Masters helped us get the paperwork submitted for that as well.

    The owner even called after the installation to ask if we were happy. It is so hard to find honest contractors. This is one, no questions asked.

    - G. K.

  • Environment Masters’ technician was excellent.

    As always, Environment Masters’ technician was excellent. Corey did a very thorough inspection and provided our quarterly service. I always recommend EM for HVAC and plumbing needs. They are a stand-up company that stands by their customers.

    - Carol S.

  • will definitely use them in the future.
    I had an electrical tankless water heater installed by Draingo around 6 months ago that never heated as hot as it could. Draingo and their terrible service stated they only installed them but did not service them. I am glad I was able to find a company with experienced and caring techs who took the time to troubleshoot the problem and find out what the issue was. During the install, it was found all wires were not connected properly. Big thanks to Steven B for correcting my issue and will definitely use them in the future. Draingo is No Way To Go.

    - Marcus B.

    I have had many problems, for years, but finally decided to get something done. Moses, a very nice young man, came out today and repaired several problems.  He was on time, cleaned up, and was very professional.  I am VERY PLEASED!

    - Martha S.

  • I really have no complaints!
    Environment Masters recently installed a new HVAC system in our home, and I thought they did an outstanding job!  Before the new system the temperature in our house almost never dropped below 76 degrees (80 degrees on a hot day), but our new system keeps our house quite cool.  

    We worked with their salesman, Ben, to decide what new system we would need, and he was very considerate and helpful.  The technicians, James and Kirk, arrived right on time, worked quickly, and did a great job cleaning up everything afterward.

    I really have no complaints!

    - Jeana S.